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Our tail twisting flavors are all hand crafted original recipes made with only the best natural ingredients - like USDA Certified Organic garbanzo beans, garlic and cumin. Plus, you won’t find any fake fillers or preservatives lurking in our hummus. Happy Monkey Hummus is dedicated in providing the best tasting hummus ever. We believe in mixing the traditional with the remarkable.

USDA Organic

We source only the best ingredients to make the best high quality hummus on the planet. We source the best organic produce just for you.

Non-GMO Verified

We never use genetically modified ingredients only what nature has provided us.

Gluten Free

All of our retail products are Certified Gluten Free through The Celiac Sprue Association

Happy Monkey Team

Erin E. Atwater

Erin E. Atwater Monkey Goddess

Co-Owner, Erin Atwater, began her culinary love affair when she was just 5 years old. Watching her grandmother make great food from scratch ignited the spark that still propels Erin’s love of food to this day. As Erin grew older she found herself back in the kitchen; this time in the restaurant and bar business watching chefs produce food for the masses. By 2009, Erin was tired of standing on the sidelines and decided that Organic Hummus was where she would make her mark in the culinary world. Sparking the question that Erin is often asked, “Why Hummus”? She gives credit to the much larger hummus companies that use ingredients that most people cannot understand let alone pronounce and her passion for “Honest Clean Food” is exactly where Happy Monkey Hummus began. Erin has often been quoted as saying, “If you can’t pronounce it, then it shouldn’t be in your food”. Erin’s dream was to make a more a more flavorful organic, Non GMO Verified hummus that would never contain preservatives.

David Mcfate

David Mcfate Silverback

My goal is to anticipate consumers' wants, needs and desires - this has been developed and is supported by my 20+ years of experience in the hospitality and food industry. It is this experience that drives my current passion to build a company that is based on the foundation of offering products that are organic, sustainable and locally sourced. Through this passion, I have developed "tribal knowledge" which has been instrumental in building and driving the future for my current endeavor. This knowledge includes everything from - evaluating and sourcing of ingredients; to innovating technology to better manufacture organic, non-GMO products; to developing and gaining national exposure and distribution of a start-up company's products; to engineering manufacturing operations and manufacturing scale-up to support growth. I intend to utilize and leverage my depth of experience to grow, learn and add value to the food industry.

What Does Happy Monkey Offer You?

  • Organic Certified 100%

  • Great Taste 100%

  • Preservatives and Transfats 0%

  • Cool Flavors 100%

  • Fun 110%